The OAS Token

  • Ticker: OAS
  • Contract Address: https://explorer.emerald.oasis.dev/token/0x
  • Chain: Oasis Emerald


OAS is the governance token that powers the Oaswap ecosystem.
You will be able to earn OAS from farms and pools, buy it directly from the exchange, and use it to participate in the community by voting on proposals related to the overall project.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

There will be no pre-mined team allocation of the OAS token.
We held a small presale for our early community members, and raised 40,000 ROSE tokens in return for 40,000 OAS tokens. 100% of the presale funds will go directly into the creation of the OAS-ROSE liquidity pool.
The initial DEX offering will use 40,000 OAS tokens and 40,000 ROSE tokens (approximately $20,000 at time of launch), which makes an initial OAS price of $0.50. The initial LP tokens received by the development team will be time locked in a smart contract.