Emissions and Supply

All tokens will be distributed according to the emission schedule of the MasterChef farming contract. Therefore all team and treasury funds will be accrued when token rewards are distributed to our farms and pools.
When OAS is harvested from our yield farms and pools, 9.09% will be minted to the Oaswap dev team address. This means that if 100 OAS is harvested, then an additional 9.09 OAS is minted and sent to the dev address.

OAS Supply

OAS is an inflationary token with no hard cap on the supply. The reason for this is because the primary function of OAS is to incentivize people to provide liquidity for the exchange. As a result, plans will be made to control the supply through deflationary mechanisms.

Deflationary Mechanics

Methods to reduce the supply of the OAS token, if necessary, will include the following:
  • Team tokens will be burned
  • Token buybacks and burns will be conducted
  • Daily reward emissions for the yield farms and pools can be reduced
  • New features for the ecosystem will be introduced that introduce token burning mechanisms, such as a lottery system