The Oaswap roadmap is subject to change and will be adjusted based on market conditions, community feedback and governance discussions.

The goal of this phase is to launch with the minimum features to operate a DEX. During this phase, we will also start marketing outreach efforts and begin growing the Oaswap community.
  • Initial UX Design Implementation
  • Functional Swaps
  • Add/Remove Liquidity Supplies
  • Create a Social Media, Informational and Marketing Presence
  • Hold small presale to raise 40,000 ROSE tokens for initial liquidity pool
  • OAS Token Fair Launch

This phase will begin immediately after the fair launch of the OAS token.
  • LP Farms: Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens to earn rewards
  • Manual OAS Pool: Token owners can stake their OAS as a single asset to earn rewards
  • Auto Compounding OAS Pool: Token rewards will be restaked automatically for compound growth
  • LP token vault lockers
  • Apply for CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listings, and continue marketing outreach
  • Apply for audits

  • Subgraph node for indexing historical data
  • Analytics section for monitoring token metrics
  • Individual graph display of prices for the token swap page
  • Zapper: Add functionality to zap single tokens into LP tokens

  • Snapshot page to facilitate voting for governance proposals
  • Message forum for community dialogue on proposed decisions

  • Facilitate a lending network which offers the ability to lend and borrow assets
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Phase I: Initial Launch πŸš€
Phase II: OAS Farms and Emissions
Phase III: Expand DEX Features
Phase IV: Governance Implementation
Phase V: Lending Protocol